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Temperature Resistant Cable

temperature resistant cable
temperature-resistant cables

       Temperature resistant cable, in addition to high and low temperature-resistance, must have special features of good mechanical strength and ageing resistance when used in harsh environments.

       Depending on requirement and area of application, there are different materials that in the best possible way match the property profile required by your specified temperature range and tailored to your application. These include silicone, FEP, PTFE, glass fiber and ceramic-based insulation materials. These combinations even allow it to be used in damp and humid environments at a high level of electrical strength. We offer high temperature resistant special cables for you that are designed for safe operation at constant temperature load of +850  °C or peak temperature of +1,550 °C. 

         Features of silicon:

  • excellent environmental property because it does not generate a halogen gas during combustion.
  • it has the heat resistance of 180 °C
  • silicon can be used under low temperature because the brittleness temperature is -60 °C
  • it has the excellent flexibility


Features of fluoropolymers:

  • excellent property of oil, chemical, solvent and steam resistance
  • excellent low temperature property, it can be used up to -100 °C
  • flame retardant property
  • it has temporary heat resistance up to +400 °C

        Main applications of temperature resistant cable are areas with highest and/or deepest temperatures

  • steel, glass, ceramic or smelting plants
  • sauna and solarium and heating elements
  • extruders and dryers
       In addition to the cables forming part of our standard high temperature cable range, we can supply a number of other high temperature cables manufactured to other standards or custom designed to meet your application’s specific requirements.