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INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES SUPPLY is an Australian company with a global focus. For Australia, we are a supplier of industrial fibre optic and electrical cable (control and power low and medium voltage), which include the cable for crane and conveyor systems, drag chains (energy chains), instrumentation, fire resistant and flame retardant, PVC and XLPE insulated, single core and multi-core, unarmoured and armoured, electronic cables. Explore our product range to learn what fits your project requirements.

We are also a supplier of innovative technologies and solutions based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). We provide our customers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia with innovative condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions to improve the safety, efficiency, productivity, and reliability of their equipment and operation. We are a representative of the Australian company Vayeron®. They developed a revolutionary technology Smart-Idler® – an online conveyor condition monitoring and prognostics system for high-capacity critical belt conveyors. Smart-Idler® technology helps to reduce conveyor system downtime, reduce conveyor maintenance and increase safety.

Our competence covers crane, conveyor, lift, metallurgical, telecommunication, machine, mining, port, power, marine, oil&gas, rail and rolling stock, airports, wind, and solar industries, to mention a few.

Our Products.

We understand your requirement and provide high quality products and solutions for our customers.
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Electrical cables

We supply industrial cable for drive systems and frequency converter technology, flexible power and control cable for crane, lifting and conveyor systems, temperature-resistant cable, drag chain and robotic cable, highly flexible SERVO cable, offshore cable, instrumentation cable...

Smart-Idler, Умный ролик
Industrial automation

We are a representative of Australian company Vayeron® and their revolutionary technology Smart-Idler® - an online conveyor condition monitoring and prognostics system for high capacity critical belt conveyors. We are a supplier of innovative technologies and solutions...

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Fibre optic cables

We offer a full range of fibre optic cables in Australia: singlemode or multimode, FRP, CST or steel wire armoured, aerial self-supporting, ADSS, tactical cable (HFFR), drop, breakout, air blown micro, distribution, tight buffered, with nylon sheath for termite protection, subsea fibre optic...