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Crane cable

Crane, Conveyor and Lift (Elevator) Cable

       Power and control crane cable for trolley systems, transfer lines, machine-tools, on hoisting devices, lift, crane and container bridges. Control cable for lift, crane and conveyor facilities, in high rack facilities and in port facilities. Reeling cable for heavy duty devices such as cable reels (also vertical operation), hoisting devices, conveyor facilities, mobile motors, rail motors and agricultural devices. Reeling cable for winding operation, especially with simultaneously tensile stress and/or torsional stress and/or forced cable guidance.


Main application:

  • Power and control cable for trolley systems, transfer lines, crane- and container bridges
  • Applications where cables are bended strongly in permanent moving operation in one level

Main application:

  • For spreader application with high mechanical stress in vertical operation


Special Requirements

  • Cable must be laid into the basketin a given direction
  • Cable must be laid into the basket independently
  • Cable must be stable to torsional load
  • Cable must be stable to cross wind



        Drum reeling cable is specially designed and constructed for use on cable reeling drums, providing a flexible power supply to a wide variety of moving machinery such as cranes, conveyors and hoists.

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