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Medium Voltage Power Cable

medium voltage power cable

        Medium Voltage Power Cable is mostly used for electrical distribution sector. We can find their use in power circuits in open air, conduit, or duct – a variety of constructions and types of this cables are available based on application needs. From chemical plants, smelters, refineries, steel mills, and industrial plants to commercial buildings, utility substations, and generating stations.

       Medium voltage power cable is one of the most important types of cables. These high-performance cables are specially designed and manufactured to transmit power in the medium range. That is, they are designed to transmit power of 5kV to 35kV voltage range. It also has the different armouring, so that can help to secure mv cable.

        Medium voltage cables are constructed with copper or aluminium conductors and insulation either from XLPE, or EPR, or paper insulated. If required the conductors can be longitudinally waterblocked. Furthermore, the pipes can be constructed to be flexible (bare or tin-plated) for mining cables and other heavy duty applications.
        The metallic screen can be longitudinally and radially waterblocked. PVC, PE (MDPE or HDPE) and LSF are applied as outer sheath materials. Steel (or aluminium for single core cables) wires or tapes may be applied under the outer sheath, providing additional mechanical protection.
        Cables for special applications, halogen-free, fire-retardant, fire-resistant and with low smoke emissions can also be provided. 
         Our products are available according to various national and/or international standards, as well as according to the demands-specifications set by the client.